Simple, Reliable, and Affordable.

SiteSync Lighting Control delivers flexible control strategies for reducing power consumption and minimizing maintenance costs while delivering the right light levels with a simple and affordable wireless solution.

The Value of SiteSync Lighting Control

Embedded Intelligence

  • Semi-autonomous design allows for independent operation with on-demand access to mesh network
  • On-board real time clock
  • Local flash memory for data retention
  • Backup solid state battery for date and time retention
  • Built-in 2.4 GHz radio (16 channels)

Design Flexibility

  • User defined dimming schedules, for each day of week and up to 24 special dates
  • Luminaires are grouped but each luminaire may still maintain unique schedules
  • Supports multiple complex dimming schedules using real or astronomical time
  • Motion detection support using master & satellite grouping
  • Lumen maintenance compensation
  • Automatic adjustment for Daylight Savings Time

Installation Simplicity

  • Factory pre-commissioning removes complexity and reduces time and cost
  • Luminaires are tagged for quick and easy identification and installation
  • Simply set date and time to complete install process
  • Modify schedules in the field at any time using software and bridge node (USB radio)
  • Software and bridge node work with any Windows PC or use SiteSync Windows tablet

System Capabilities

  • Distributed Intelligence – removes need for web access, central controller or gateway
  • Semi-autonomous wireless mesh network provides peace of mind with cyber-safe and reliable architecture
  • No reoccurring fees for service, support or licenses
  • Offers advanced security options for encryption and channel selection
  • Manual control functions (dimming level, flash, reboot)